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Women's Golf Day (WGD) is approaching and will be a monumental celebration of women and girls being involved with the game. Elisa Gaudet, the international event's founder, has been on the road to spread the word about the upcoming event on June 5th, making an appearance on Golf Channel's Morning Drive to speak with Lauren Thompson about the growth of the project.

Get Your Club Ready for Women's Golf Day

With gender equality and equal opportunities for women firmly on everyone’s agenda, not just in golf, WGD was inadvertently launched at the right time and Elisa has found that people were ready to fully embrace the WGD concept, she explains, “Look at everything else that is going on the world, women empowerment, women supporting women, it (WGD) was super timely and what we have created is a community and I think that it is this community aspect that is so powerful, more than the golf.” The community extends beyond the golf course where she also highlighted the social media coverage of the day which encompassed the community spirit, everyone having fun and celebrating women and girls golf.

Elisa believes that one real issue preventing many women getting into golf has been a feeling of intimidation. Elisa spoke about how WGD has always encouraged participants to bring a friend commenting, “Women move in packs!” It has been the mixing of people that have never played golf with those who have which she credits as a “game changer”. “Golf has always been about community, but often women feel intimidated around golf. WGD is breaking down those barriers, getting women onto the golf course and acting as a platform to unite and showcase all the people and venues driving participation and welcoming women and girls part of the global golfing community.”

Elisa also touched on her personal battle with breast cancer since the 2017 WGD, talking about how although she found the diagnosis difficult to come to terms with, over time it was the WGD platform and the community that it had created which has helped in her recovery and made her want to tell people her story.

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For the full Golf Channel Morning Drive Interview with Elisa Gaudet, featuring details of WGD 2018 and Elisa’s journey to recovery from breast cancer, follow the links below:



To register to host a Women’s Golf Day event visit https://womensgolfday.com/location-registration/

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