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By: Sarah Ramowski | Tue 09 Feb 2010 | Comments ()

Constructed from a scuff, scratch & tear resistance fabric with integral bonded nylon fabric top, printed with laser abrasion resistant graphics.
The polycarbonate strip provides an ideal reflective strike surface.
Featuring a roll out mechanism the mat is totally transportable and storable without compromising its durability.  
Ideal for indoor, outdoor (dry only), or range use, this complete package is unrivaled in the market place.
The ability to get up & down will shave shots off your round and is often the difference between a division one golfer and a division two or three – learning these simple techniques bring instant results.
Demonstrating the optimum set up for a short chip, pitch and high drop shot – the club face, ball position, correct hand position, correct distance from the ball, the shoulder position, varying stances, ideal takeaway path; promoting a solid takeaway and a clean strike at impact.


RP Real Play Chip & Win

Following this simple pre shot routine ensures correct set up to promote a confident swing that once perfected will increase the chances of getting up and down giving you a variety of shots and the confidence to play them
This product provides the ultimate tool in target practice and short game development.  Align the mat square to the target and recreate around the green conditions - practice the varying short shots you’re required to play.
By breaking down the challenge of a seemingly impossible shot, the RP Chip & Win maps out a simple routine to follow, pre qualify the shot required and execute to perfection.

Once on the course and faced with an awkward chip, you can now feel confident you’re  setting up correctly and visualize the shot to play.

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