Putting into practice

By: Sarah Ramowski | Mon 15 Jun 2009 | Comments ()

Putting into practice

PGA professional James Whitaker of the Devere Oulton Hall Nike Academy has some novel ways to help you to hole more putts.


When you are next out on the course try these different methods.

First, put the flagstick under your armpits and get used to the feeling of your shoulders rocking back and forth which will keep any wrist action to a minimum.

To help with your alignment and to keep the putter square lay the flagstick down in line with the hole and get used to replicating the ideal swing path.















The reason a lot of putts are missed is down to a poor strike. 

You might think that it is fairly straightforward to find the sweet spot of your putter every time but try this drill to see how consistent you really are and what path the putter is coming through on.

Place two tee pegs fractionally wider than the putter head and make a series of putts, firstly from two or three feet, before moving back to about 15 feet.

It’s not as easy as you might imagine!


















James Whitaker is the Academy Manager at the De Vere Oulton Hall. For more information on the West Yorkshire hotel and 27-hole course visit www.devere-hotels.com/our-hotels/oulton-hall



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