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Join a golf event. On we run series of golf days, competitions and weekend breaks throughout the year, either as official events organised by ourselves or as open events run by our members.

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More features

  • Run your events
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  • Player stats & analysis
  • Past event history
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Golf Competitions/Events: Create & Manage Competitions/Games, Join Public Games

Organise your golf event online. Are you a golf day organiser? Our comprehensive event management service allows you to organise events and competitions for your golfing groups and societies. It is the complete system enabling you to manage events for unlimited numbers of players from start to finish and includes an invite system, organiser's message board, group forum, competition formats, results, analysis, leaderboard and much more. In addition you can invite other members of the community to join you on your event or host a public competition open to anyone.

System Overview

Meet golfers in your local area. Our advanced search options allow you to search for members who live in the same area as you, play the same courses as you, play on the same days and have the same handicaps as you. Easily arrange games and set up mini leagues with regular playing partners.
Track and compare your scores with those of your golf buddies, chat online and ask for tips and advice.

Public Games

There are always several public events available for you to join on golfshake. Simply go to the groups and events toolbar and then select "public events" from the left hand menu. Member run events are a great way for you to meet fellow golfers and enjoy a great day out on some different courses. The public events page is also the place to look for official Golfshake days. They are light-hearted competitions that attract people from all over the country, most people who come along have never been before and so its a great way to find new golf playing partners. Be sure to keep an eye out for the next event near you.