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How did your 2010 goals go ?

Posted by: user8 [FORUM MODERATOR] | Sat 1st Jan 2011 09:43 | Last Reply

I didn't have many in 2010 other than break 90 which I did and watch some live golf which I did at the BMW PGA and the Ryder Cup.  My only failed goal was golf in all 4 home countries but unfortunately I never made it to Ireland.

Anyone else set any score or handicap goals ?

re: How did your 2010 goals go ?
Reply : Sat 1st Jan 2011 12:57

I wanted to lower my handicap and play Nefyn & District Golf Course and Nefyn was brilliant (mental on the old 8 holes though). Started the year on 18.6 and ended it on 15.4 after a 1.5 cut yesterday.


Cracking year of Golf...... roll on 2011.... St Andrews is a must....

re: How did your 2010 goals go ?
Reply : Sat 1st Jan 2011 14:28

To get from 18 to 15. Currently 20. Oh well.

re: How did your 2010 goals go ?
Reply : Sat 1st Jan 2011 15:35

I wanted to be playing rounds in the 90's rather than 100's - which I did.  Wanted to drop the handicap which I did by 3.6 to 19.9. Wanted to play in some comps - which I did on Gtour and wanted to play in the NvS and be on the winning team - Half did that.

I blogged a review of my golfing year. It can be read here

re: How did your 2010 goals go ?
Reply : Sat 1st Jan 2011 20:02

I started the year with a handicap of 18.5 and wanted to get down to at least 17 so there were some holes I didn't get a shot on!  By April, my handicap had risen to 19.1.

I'd had a few lessons over the winter and was getting a little frustrated but, when the warmer weather arrived, i got on a roll and my handicap reached a low of 13.3 in August.  It's now 14.2, which i'm delighted about as I've entered around 20 rounds since then.

I won a charity competition in Nottingham and netted about £70 worth of prizes and went the whole summer unbeaten in the CGL stroke and match play competitions and hope we can get round to playing the finals at some point!

I also enjoyed the North v South, winning a great game on the 18th against Jim and Lee.  I'm sory I can't attend in 2011 as a result of the date change.

Overall 2010 has been a great golfing year.  As John said a few of us played all 26 holes at Nefyn which was superb, but I also enjoyed Abersoch, both courses at Carden Park and two 36 hole days on the Yorkshire Coast Passport, playing Flamborough Head, Filey and the two Bridlington courses, amongst others. 

Roll on 2011!

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