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Hello from Rayleigh (Essex)!

Posted by: user278729 | Wed 30th Dec 2009 10:20 | Last Reply

Hello All

Thought it polite to put up a post saying hello (before I join in anything else).  Have just joined the site and have been reading through the forums with great interest - very useful.   I plan to use the site to help me track my progress, learn from others on here and get to know other golfers!

I used to play a little bit a few years ago but gave up in 1999 when my wife and I have our first of what was to be two sons.  They are getting a bit older now and having wanted to get back into golf for a long while, I finally took the plunge properly in early October and have upgraded my kit.  My wife and boys have also started having lessons (Santa brought them all golf clubs for Christmas).

I'm not a good golfer yet (I'm optimistic!) but am taking lessons, practising hard and very keen.  Have been practising around a 9 hole par 3 to improve my short-game and went round in 33 on Monday.  I shall be getting back out on a proper course in the new year. I live in Rayleigh and hope to get to know people and build my confidence enough not to be too self-conscious when playing people I don't know too well. 

So - that's me! Feel free to say hello and drag me out for a game of golf - I want to play!

Kind regards,


Last edit : Wed 30th Dec 2009 10:37
re: Hello from Rayleigh (Essex)!
Reply : Wed 30th Dec 2009 11:53

Hi Andy, welcome to the forum and to getting back into the game.

Golfshake is well represented over there in Essex, so you will soon have some new buddies to play with, I am sure.

re: Hello from Rayleigh (Essex)!
Reply : Wed 30th Dec 2009 11:55

Welcome to the site Andy.

As John said, there are plenty of golfshake members in Essex, myself included, so finding a game to join won't be hard.


re: Hello from Rayleigh (Essex)!
Reply : Wed 30th Dec 2009 21:03

Hi Andy,

There is a Winter League that is played at Stapleford Abbots G.C. in Essex on the third Sunday of the month.  I think there are three games left (Jan, Feb and March 2010).  I played the first two, the third was cancelled due to the weather, but if you are looking for a game in Essex then you could come along.  You don't have to play every game, just come to the ones you can.  I'm sure there will be a post closer to the time giving further details so keep an eye out.  It's a good way of getting out to play and meeting other golfers.


re: Hello from Rayleigh (Essex)!
Reply : Thu 31st Dec 2009 04:54

Thanks chaps.   Richard - the games you suggest sound good.  I will keep my eyes open.  Appreciate the heads-up.


re: Hello from Rayleigh (Essex)!
Reply : Thu 31st Dec 2009 11:42

Andy welcome to the site. 

re: Hello from Rayleigh (Essex)!
Reply : Thu 31st Dec 2009 19:06


Welcome to the site.  You are well located for potential playing partners.

I'm in Westcliff.  Played a very wet Garons this morning on my lonesome as some lightweight from Rayleigh thought it too wet for him (only kidding Col)

I'm up for a game as oft as I can and there are plently of courses to choose from round these parts.

I'll join you for 9 holes on the Garons Par 3 anytime too - its a nice little course on which to practice the short game.

DM me you mob number and I'll sms you my details.


Andy K

re: Hello from Rayleigh (Essex)!
Reply : Fri 1st Jan 2010 11:03

Andy - sounds great. Will pm you now.



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