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Charity Golf Day - thanks to all

Posted by: user8 [FORUM MODERATOR] | Fri 23rd Oct 2009 19:57 | Last Reply

Thanks to all those that took part today. 

Thanks to Darren Millichip for not playing and helping out on the day.

Thanks to Eddie Pape for providing a additional raffle prize.

Thanks to Bob Haynes for providing a GPS for the raffle.

Thanks to anyone I forgot.

Will post piccies and info shortly once I've had some tea and break from golf after a 12 hour day   

Fund raising will get posted here once all added and counted -


Regards, Darren.



re: Charity Golf Day - thanks to all
Reply : Fri 23rd Oct 2009 22:08

Thanks for organising a great day for a very worthy cause and i hope the event has raised plenty of money for the charity after such a good turnout. i certainly enjoyed it , with the course being in great condition for the time of year.

Best wishes to my playing partner today Bob Haynes and hope to see you on the course again soon.

Will you be inputing the scorecards Darren or do we need to do it?

re: Charity Golf Day - thanks to all
Reply : Sat 24th Oct 2009 09:19

I wish to add my thanks to Darren and all his helpers. I had a great day and my golf wasn't that bad. Thanks to my playing partners for making it such a good day OH! and Trevor things can only get better. Well done to Stuart in particular sinking that putt.

I finally want to thank everyone for thier best wishes. 


re: Charity Golf Day - thanks to all
Reply : Sat 24th Oct 2009 20:13

I would just like to say congratulations Darren on organising a really good day for a very worthwhile charity and at such a short notice.

congratulations on raising a very nice amount of money towards the charity as well!!!!!

as i said on the day darren there is no need to thank me as i was more than willing to help out, the main reason for this was i (and many others) have known bob haynes for a while now and wish him all the best with his treatment and wish him a very speedy recovery.

Personally i thought my help was insignificant as all i did really was take lots of pics  on the day (thanks to tim hawkins for the loan of the camera).

on a side note i have just found out that another good friend of mine has been given less than 6 weeks to live after getting pancreatic cancer a few months back and the treatment has failed, i know this is a different form of cancer but the more awareness we raise from these sort of events then hopefully with all the funds we raise ONE DAY maybe the scientists out there can find a cure.

congratulaions also to all the players who took part in this event i hope you all had a good day and i didnt put too many of you off with the camera clicking!!




re: Charity Golf Day - thanks to all
Reply : Sat 24th Oct 2009 20:31

Here are some piccies, I think Colin Astbury beter watch out !  Darren's taken some good snaps.

County Golf League - Was it a team or a convention ?

Yes the Sun does shine when I organise golf days!


The putting competition, final shoot out players.  MOre to come on Stu's 30 footer!

and the winner was ............  Stu Laws




re: Charity Golf Day - thanks to all
Reply : Sat 24th Oct 2009 20:46

Bob, great to see you yesterday and to see you in fine spirits as always.  Good luck with the week's ahead and I am sure I will see you on the course again soon.



re: Charity Golf Day - thanks to all
Reply : Sun 25th Oct 2009 00:08

Brilliant day Darren, really enjoyed it even though I played like a Donkey on the back nine, can't believe the weather could be like that in October.  Sun shines on the righteous I reckon.  And thanks to Darren M for taking 350 photo's which I'll sort through eventually - practice makes perfect in photography, and you certainly got a bit of practice in..

Will crop this pic later, but the 40 footer is on it's way in this one....

re: Charity Golf Day - thanks to all
Reply : Tue 27th Oct 2009 10:35

Thanks to all those who took part we raised just over £1500 which was fantastic!!


Blog/write up here -

Loads of photos here -

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