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Hole in one blues

Posted by: user94811 | Mon 8th Dec 2008 20:17 | Last Reply

just wondering if anyone else has suffered the same fate as myself.

I have been in a pretty good run of form since late September, carding nothing worse than a net 68, and inclusing 65,62,66, 66 and 67 and 64- my course is a par 72.

3 weeks ago on a cold Saturday morning, I stood on the first tee, a par 3 of 154yards, changed my club from an 8 to a 7iron and swung right through the ball. It arrowed straight at the hole , landed 6 inches to the left , bounced slightly right and spun back in to the hole.

My first ever ace after 25 years of playing golf--this was going to be my best ever round of golf. How wrong could I be!!!

I proceded to lose 4 balls in the next 3 holes ( hadn't lost a ball in 2 months) -played like an absolute beginner and scored a net 77 - 30 stableford points and that included 5 for my ace.

I could not believe that a round which had started of fantastically well had deteriorated into one of my worst of the year. It took a bit of shine of my hole in one

has this happened to anyone else?

re: Hole in one blues
Reply : Mon 8th Dec 2008 20:37

Well Drew,I've yet to meet a scotsman who enjoyed a hole in one.especially on the first hole. Another seveteen holes thinking of your bar bill!! Lol.


Congrats anyway, shame you didnt enjoy it , I enjoyed both of mine but they were not great rounds either.

Talking of 5 points for your ace ,I played with a guy that scored 5 pts in total for 18 and they came from an ace,and that was a scabby,slapped 5 iron for 150yrds.

re: Hole in one blues
Reply : Mon 8th Dec 2008 20:43

Congratulations on the hole in one, Drew. I am interested in knowing what your handicap is, as you seem to be ripping the course apart.

Last edit : Mon 8th Dec 2008 20:43
re: Hole in one blues
Reply : Mon 8th Dec 2008 20:50

John, from the info above I would say 11??

re: Hole in one blues
Reply : Mon 8th Dec 2008 21:19

Congratulations on your hole in one.

You probably lost any interest in the rest of the round after having such a perfect start.


re: Hole in one blues
Reply : Mon 8th Dec 2008 22:12

thanks for the good wishes on my first ace. And no, I was not worrying about my bar bill--lol!!!!

My handicap is 12 but I am playing a lot better than that right now.

re my ace -I really was trying as hard as ever but nothing i tried worked.

Re stableford points- 5 points for a whole round and that was an ace--is that really true? Wait till I tell my mates about that one!!

Question for everyone-what is the most stableford points you have scored at one hole? Last year I played with someone who scored 6 points at one hole--work that one out, if you can.

re: Hole in one blues
Reply : Mon 8th Dec 2008 23:07

Drew, are you sure about the bar bill..............

5pts whole round totally true it was on my stag week  in Dublin back in '99 , the guy rarely played so we gave him  a 28 hcp (but he played nowhere near it).I witnessed the shot it was horrendous ,the ball was a mole shagger all the way from tee to green.  It actual meant nothing to him, I explained the tradition of buying a bottle of whiskey which he eventually did but refused to open it and said he would give it to his dad as a present.

6 pts would be a gross -2 on a 2 shot allowance hole . I hate them people,Lol

re: Hole in one blues
Reply : Tue 9th Dec 2008 10:39

Congratulations Drew.  Something we all aspire to achieve. 

I would suggest that the reason you played badly is that aftter doing that on the first hole your focus was somewhat shot.  Difficult to concentrate when you've just dropped in an ace (I imagine)

re: Hole in one blues
Reply : Tue 9th Dec 2008 11:49

Yes Jonny ,I prefer it to the defamatory "That's a Sally Gunnell" an ugly runner. Hows the swing?? PM me.

re: Hole in one blues
Reply : Tue 9th Dec 2008 13:51

You are correct of course Martin a round of drinks is in order, I did actually buy a drink of what everyone who was there fancied, it came to around £30-£35 ish, but I have never witnessed anyone else do that but have seen a lot of bottles of whiskey bought. I believe most clubs sell the bottle at cost price. Annoying as i dont like whiskey that much.

re: Hole in one blues
Reply : Tue 9th Dec 2008 14:34

Hopefully my money is safe, nearest I've ever got is about 3ft away.  Will cross the buying everyone a drink hurdle if and when I ever acheive it.  Have seen my brother hole a shot off the tee on a par3 - shame his first attempt went out of bounds and he ended with a 3!

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