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Trent Park, Slow Play, Bad Greens and a great woman golfer

Posted by: user93950 | Sun 28th Sep 2008 10:53 | Last Reply

A rant and a rave post all in one.

Played Trent Park yesterday, beautiful day, no wind, absolutely perfect.

2 1/2 hours for the first 6 holes!  5 1/2 hours for all 18.  What a joke!  Called the clubhouse from my mobile and screamed at them politely but still not one marshall ever came out on the course.

The greens are horrible.  They look like they have not been cut for a month, slow and bumpy.  I lost at least 6 shots off my score yesterday because of those greens.  Had one 20 foot putt that went only 10 feet on one that was so slow.  Now, I never leave a 20 foot putt short by 50%!  And this happened all over the course to all of us in the group.

One guy I've played with there before is around a 10 handicap and he was also getting killed on the greens.

Now for the RAVE portion of the post.

A young Japanese couple joined our walk on group or I joined them that is along with this other guy I've played with before.

Here is this TINY little Japanese girl, setting up on the first tee with this huge driver in her hands that was as big as she is.  Takes a practice swing and it goes all the way around until it hits her in the back, just because it was so big.  Now, she sets up to the ball at address with the best posture I've ever seen, sticking her little butt out, and does her full turn backswing keeping her position perfect and smacks the ball right down the middle of the first fairway and straight as an arrow!

OK fine.  Next shot in the fairway, an iron and wham, perfect frickin iron shot down the middle.

Next hole repeat.

Next hole again.

Me and this other guy who is a 10 handicapper are walking down the fairways now laughing our arse's off, because this tiny little girl is the very best player I have EVER been on a course with over the past 10 years and 50 rounds per year!

Now get this.  She has been playing for only 2 years.

Oh, lest I forget, she canCHIP and PUTT as well! 

re: Trent Park, Slow Play, Bad Greens and a great woman golfer
Reply : Mon 29th Sep 2008 21:05

sorry guys, she's married to her golfing partner.

otherwise I would have asked, even though she was half my age. 

re: Trent Park, Slow Play, Bad Greens and a great woman golfer
Reply : Mon 17th Nov 2008 22:19

Trent Park has a reputation for being very busy on a weekend!

I played there on a Monday morning and it was just like any other course.

I enjoyed Trent Park and from what you said I'm assuming they have sorted the green out as they were good when I played.


re: Trent Park, Slow Play, Bad Greens and a great woman golfer
Reply : Tue 18th Nov 2008 08:51

Ya can't marry her for the golf swing - surely you must taste her yorkshire puddings first....

re: Trent Park, Slow Play, Bad Greens and a great woman golfer
Reply : Tue 18th Nov 2008 09:34

I've heard them called many things before but never that Robbie.....

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