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Is it time to get a new driver?

Posted by: user648977 | Thu 15th Oct 2015 22:20 | Last Reply

I've been using a 1997 king cobra driver for the past 5 years. Before that I only played short courses with irons. I'm a high handicapper but generally hit my wood straight with an occasional slice but it has quite a low flight and seldom gets past 200 yards. My friends keep telling me to buy a new driver as it will increase my distance but I don't want to lose the consistency I currently have. Are the newer drivers really that much better? Also are American golf a good place to go to try some out or will they try to push their products with their best margins on me? This is my first time sending a post, i'd be very grateful for any opinions.

Last edit : Thu 15th Oct 2015 22:20
re: Is it time to get a new driver?
Reply : Fri 16th Oct 2015 10:18

By all means go and try other drivers, ask if you can compare them to your existing driver, but unless you learn to swing the driver correctly you won't improve your distance if your ball flight is low. All modern drivers (including yours) are designed to flight the ball high with low spin to carry the maximum distance, if your not getting height you need to look at your swing and impact positions. Try setting up a video camera at your range and see what your doing from behind (ie. down the line) and in front (facing you.) Go to revolution golf website they have a couple of drills on at the moment that may help you. Good luck

Last edit : Fri 16th Oct 2015 10:18
re: Is it time to get a new driver?
Reply : Tue 8th Dec 2015 00:19
  1. Tee the ball up higher.
  2. Hit up on the ball.
  3. Get a lesson from an experienced PGA teaching Pro concentrating on ONLY the driver.
  4. If no improvement after all this, ASK the Pro IF she/he recommends a new driver.
  5. If yes, get fitted properly on at least 4 different drivers WITHOUT committing to buying one. This may involve driving around.
  6. if any are an improvement, buy the one that FEELS the most comfortable to use, not necessarily the one that goes furthest. Then find it online, UK registered, traceable outlet.

Please remember that balls go further in summer than winter. Also be smart when buying: now is the time for discounts and the industry always has a sale on somewhere!

Last edit : Tue 8th Dec 2015 00:19

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