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Anyone got a blog?

Posted by: user592595 | Wed 17th Sep 2014 13:25 | Last Reply

Has anyone here got a blog at all? I'm thinking of setting one up as a way of writing about my golfing (the different courses I've completed, handicap improvement, progress, etc), but I'm not too sure where to start. This was recommended to me by a friend, has anyone here used it at all? I'd really like to get some second opinions/recommendations before I sign up with anything. Any tips and advice would be great. Cheers.

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re: Anyone got a blog?
Reply : Wed 17th Sep 2014 13:56

I'd recommend tumbler, blogger or

Super simple to use.

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re: Anyone got a blog?
Reply : Wed 17th Sep 2014 13:57

Blogger is probably the easiest to use and pretty customizable too!

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