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new clubs or lessons?

Posted by: user542648 | Sun 1st Sep 2013 08:48 | Last Reply

Hi folks, hoping someone can help, I currently play off of 15 having got my handicap down from 19 at the beginning of the year through playing more regularly, seemed to have hit a stumbling point now and it's not moving, not going up which is good but not coming now down either, have been looking on here for advice and custom fitting pops into mind, I currently play with Wilson fat shaft wt 100 irons and callaway diablo driver and Wilson 3 and 5 woods, all off the shelf, however reading a lot of the advice on custom fitting a consistent swing keeps popping up, have been down the range to look for any consistent flaws, and was wondering what it is I should be looking for before I can say I have a consistent swing. Aiming at the same flag some would be slightly left some slightly right but not massively, few wrong ones way off target but again a couple right a couple left, and varying distances with the same club of up to 20 yards. What's the best way to find out if I have a consistent swing or not? Which in turn will hopefully help me figure out whether custom clubs would help or whether lessons are needed to get a more consistent swing? Any advice gratefully received as I'm now completely hooked on golf and would love to get to single figure handicap at some point in the future if at all possible.

re: new clubs or lessons?
Reply : Sun 1st Sep 2013 15:50

Thanks Gilbert getting my club lie checked sounds a good idea and couple of lessons first see what the pro thinks of my swing. Thanks for the response

re: new clubs or lessons?
Reply : Sun 1st Sep 2013 20:42

Certainly go with the lessons Barrie. Without such, you may be ingaining faults that will be very difficult to remove as you progress further. As for custom fitting, I have no direct knowledge, but feel that it would be nothing but beneficial. Good luck.

re: new clubs or lessons?
Reply : Wed 4th Sep 2013 01:23

Barrie, if you go for lessons, make sure you practice what you've been told. After the lesson practice as much as you can as soon as you can after the lesson. Too many people go back into their old swing.

re: new clubs or lessons?
Reply : Fri 6th Sep 2013 13:35

Definitely agree re lessons first. To add to the good advice above... don't expect and immediate quick fix in one lesson. I would recommend a course of lessons. I'm 2 out of 6 through a course of lessons right now. When I went along I thought I was swinging well and needed just a tweak here and there - a look at the video the pro took proved otherwise... how the hell did I manage to hit the ball???

Some readjustment and lots of practice later I have a much better swing but still needs a tweek to iron out a wee slice I've picked up through the change. My golf has suffered during this change but I look forward to some now small corrections and being a better golfer. Fingers crosses...

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