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Worst round of golf?

Posted by: user264761 [FORUM MODERATOR] | Sun 2nd Jun 2013 10:51 | Last Reply

So everyone has all heard about the 'horrendous' round that Tiger had on Saturday. His 79 his is joint second worst round as a pro.

So what's the worst round you've ever had and where?

re: Worst round of golf?
user202037 [FORUM MODERATOR]
Reply : Sun 2nd Jun 2013 13:21

Is that actual score or the mistakes made by a few guys (Mark James being one?). Not played too well and in a rush to get away not checked card too closely and put the score for the back nine into the box for the 18th, so a 5 for 79 becomes a 109.

re: Worst round of golf?
Reply : Sun 2nd Jun 2013 16:46

Personally for me

I played in a society event at Three Locks.

Playing ok till I reached the 7th, managed to hit a ball well left of the correct fairway and had to get over a ditch to play the ball. In my wisdom I decided to jump over the ditch rather that walk back to cross it. Landed on my ankle hard, twisted it and was in agony for the rest of the round and carded 108!!!!

Not a day to remember!

re: Worst round of golf?
Reply : Mon 1st Jul 2013 12:42

2 weeks ago at northwest national, rainford. 14 pts front 9 (started with a birdie on shot hole) 4 pts on back, i'd lost the will to live by the 12th

re: Worst round of golf?
Reply : Mon 1st Jul 2013 20:28

anything over 100 is a nightmare. Dave CAC handed Geordie.

re: Worst round of golf?
Reply : Tue 2nd Jul 2013 11:27

Played my home course last week and had a nightmare opening nine, scoring 53 (included a 10, three7's, two 6's and a birdie 2). Came home in 40, with a 6 as my worst hole score, missing several makeable putts on the way. Funny old game isn't it. But we love it....

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