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Choosing clubs for pensioner

Posted by: user460475 | Fri 26th Apr 2013 14:53 | Last Reply

Can anyone help a 70yo +20h/cap choose replace 15 year old clubs? Is there any model perceived to be more forgiving and accurate for us elderly coffin dodgers? Given that I have a stroke a hole distance is not a problem but how about mid-short range benefits. are " rescues" more wedges - even ladies lighter weight clubs the answer to forgiving errors? All comments appreciated. C. Black

re: Choosing clubs for pensioner
Reply : Fri 26th Apr 2013 17:04

Hi Carberry,

I believe Benross do a range of senior clubs which you may find more forgiving. I think maybe your best bet would be to pop to your local club and see if they have a senior section and try and arrange a round with some of the members there. They could then advise you on the type of equipment they use. I am in my mid forties but don't subscribe to this buy the latest gear craze. My driver is probably ten years old but I don't intend changing it anytime soon. If you are happy with the clubs you have just keep using them. Regards, Colin.

re: Choosing clubs for pensioner
Reply : Mon 29th Apr 2013 13:21


I must admit, I disagree with colins comment but im sure they are still valid. being 26 and having enough disposable income to feed my addiction on a monthly basis I think the new stuff is much better than 10 yr old gear but ive learnt its not that much better than last years. Ben ross do some really good stuff, and I think they just brought out a new "family" range of clubs, the 588 AT, MT and TT range means you can change your longer irons to hybrid style clubs whilst keeping tour trajectory in the shorter irons if that's what you want. I would get yourself to an American golf and book an hour in trying different shafts with different clubs and seeing what the numbers tell you. you may swing a bit faster with a lighter shaft but more consistently with a heavier one. even if you don't understand the numbers it doesn't matter as they will and they'll adapt your clubs to fit you. You aren't even obliged to buy anything. give it a try what you go to loose.

the only reason I believe in newer stuff being better than old stuff is that I recently bought a driver from a pro that didn't really take me through a thorough fitting and the guy in AG said he would get me 30 more yards. 32 yds was the final result with better trajectory and better spin. my old irons were ping raptures(10+) years old. The g15s made my old 6 iron the newer 8 iron. the lofts were the same but the correct shaft, length and lie angle all added up to drastic changes. The game is hard enough, don't fight your equipment too. let us know how you get on

re: Choosing clubs for pensioner
Reply : Wed 1st May 2013 15:43

Thanks for your replies guys - most interesting as my existing irons are 20 y.o. Benross and have served me well and I see little benefit in getting getting custom fitted Taylormade, Ping etc. at extortionate prices to help pay for the grotesque endorsements of our overpaid so-called superstars! Lat year whilst on a golf holiday inPortugal I played with fairly old borrowed clubs -Calloway irons and Yonex woods - ladies models and hit the ball so consistently well that I would have bought them off my friend - had that been possible! Anyway, I will give thought to visiting an American Golf outlet - although 100 miles away and will let you know the end of season results!! May all your putts be short ones. C. Black

re: Choosing clubs for pensioner
Reply : Mon 6th May 2013 00:19

Flipping heck! 100 miles from an AG? if your curious to see if you need anything other than standard fit try the ping website http://www.ping.com/fitting/

on here you can enter your details and see how far from standard you possibly are. just an idea

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