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Golf Magazines

Posted by: user80078 | Thu 29th Nov 2012 16:44 | Last Reply

Does anyone out there know of a golf magazine that is prepared to review/discuss golf eqipment other than top end, expensive brands. We all know there is a plethora of cheaper equipment out there, but it doesn't seem to get a look in with the mags. The same applies to reviews of courses, as the top end championship venues seem to be done to death, whereas, 9 hole and lower end layouts that we might all like to know about are overlooked. Perhaps, I am mistaken, but would appreciate any suggestions of mags that fit my requirements. Cheers!

re: Golf Magazines
Reply : Thu 29th Nov 2012 16:51

Michael, we are trying to get more courses reviewed and featured here on Golfshake regardless of status etc. Some exciting plans as well on this front for 2013.

re: Golf Magazines
Reply : Fri 30th Nov 2012 22:15

mike do you get any of the local county rags that are floating on most clubs, i know they do one in the south east that covers some from Surrey & some in Kent & Sussex, surely they must do something a bit local to you, might be worth a chat with your local club?? as for the review on the cheap stuff i read most mags and know what you mean if its under the 200 mark no comments are made on irons etc which i think is really poor also, maybe a thought to cover on here Darren ???

re: Golf Magazines
Reply : Fri 30th Nov 2012 22:28

At the club I get a regular copy of National Club Golfer, which isn't too bad, but there is definately a big opportunity for a publisher to come down market (so to speak) with info. for the masses.

re: Golf Magazines
Reply : Sun 2nd Dec 2012 13:53

To further endorse my views, I have been looking through the most recent copy of English Club Golfer newspaper. It has plenty of information on clubs and special play offers, but again when it comes to equipment reviews, they look at fairway woods and of the 9 manufacturers covered, the cheapest club is 79 whilst the others are mainly in the 150 to 200 bracket. Throughout all the clubs featured in the paper are by far the more expensive examples. I think you have a point Ian.

re: Golf Magazines
user202037 [FORUM MODERATOR]
Reply : Sun 2nd Dec 2012 14:35

I think the Mags just know Human Nature.

If you were faced with a Green-fee of under 10 you wouldn't expect much and would go with the idea of "well it was only 9.50" and wouldn't be too bothered on value for money. Same with golf clubs, 25 for a driver and again you won't be too bothered on value for money.

But being asked to spend 100 on a round of golf, or 200 on a driver, we want to know all about it before we are tempted. Don't we?

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