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Posted by: user367592 | Wed 18th Jul 2012 19:40 | Last Reply

Some of you (particularly the ones who use Twitter) may be aware of the #showusyournumber 'trend' that's been going on for the past few days. Putting it simply, golfers from all around the world are changing their Twitter and Facebook profile pictures into graphics or images which show their personal best score over 18 holes of golf.

It all started last week when I shot a 73 at my home club and changed my profile pic to show it off, I didn't think anything would come of it and was really just doing it to brag to my buddies Matt Holbrook and Phil Parkins....

Fast forward a few days and Nick Faldo, Aaron Oberholser, Rafael Cabrera Bello and Pablo Larrazabal have got involved.

Maybe some of you are in interested in learning more about it and taking part. If you'd like to read about the shenanigans of the past few days, you can do so here:

Thanks for reading, look forward to seeing you #showusyournumber!

Steve @ibleedgolf1

re: #showusyournumber
Reply : Wed 18th Jul 2012 19:57


It's been great seeing how quickly it grew. Good fun to be a part of and have connected with some real good people.

The rest of the blog is also always worth a read. Enjoyed the "call the shot" and the "shagger" posts.

Keep it up mate.

re: #showusyournumber
Reply : Wed 18th Jul 2012 20:08

Thanks Matt, yes I have also met some very cool new people, it's great to see amateur (and pro) golfers getting together on this! I've had some good laughs over the past few days with all the unexpected turns, who knows what will happen during the open with #showusyournumber!

re: #showusyournumber
Reply : Wed 18th Jul 2012 21:17

Great to see how this has taken off globally. I bet you never thought something so simple would take off like it has. Also have so enjoyed reading your blog, Cal and The cheating [email protected] was a highlight for me. Good work Steve.

re: #showusyournumber
Reply : Wed 18th Jul 2012 21:42

steve, your just about on every forum going aren't you? been great being apart of it and seeing it take off! maybe a few more pros might join during the open eh?

re: #showusyournumber
Reply : Wed 18th Jul 2012 21:46

Thanks John and Liam! Thanks for reading about it as well as contributing to it!

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