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A round on my own

Posted by: user451727 | Thu 17th May 2012 22:14 | Last Reply

Hi fellow Golfshakers...

I am looking for a bit of advice here. I stopped playing golf in 2006 after being made redundant and lost interest in it a bit. ( I never set the golfing world on fire mind you)

Last year I played one round with a fellow golfer who lives along the road, I have got the bug again and in a big way. My only problem is I do constant nights and work mainly weekends. My wife also is studying at the moment so I cannot afford a membership at the present time.

I do try and get out about twice a month and would dearly like to play more. My current playing partner is also tied with work and family commitments so at times we have to cancel at the last minute. What I would like to know is this. Is it acceptable for someone like me, a high handicap (28minimum) go out on a quiet course on my own? I am quite daunted by the prospect of it but, my hunger to play is starting to out weigh my fear/shyness. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Colin.

re: A round on my own
Reply : Thu 17th May 2012 22:22

forget the doubts and everything else , go alone and see how u feel enjoy the game good and bad bet its only a matter of weeks befor your looking for a game with other like minded people m enjoy , cheers rich

re: A round on my own
Reply : Thu 17th May 2012 22:25

Hi Colin. I have been out on my own on numerous occasions, and as long as the course isn't too busy then I can't see why you should have any worries. I was out yesterday and saw 5 or 6 singles on the course.

If it is busy then it can be frustrating having to wait between shots, but that would be the only issue I could think of. Well, apart from when you need an extra pairs of eyes when you're looking for the ball that is

The other solution might be to post on one of the forums here that's asking for playing partners. Just hit the "Categories" button at the top of this page. Who knows, there may be someone nearby who's looking for a playing partner too.

re: A round on my own
Reply : Thu 17th May 2012 22:49


I rock up to my course as a single regularly. If there's no-one about I can join with I go out on my own. It's really not an issue and you may find some others just the same as you who are happy to join up with you

This does have the advantage (if the course is quiet of course) that if you hit a bad shot you can drop another ball and try again. You could also try playing two balls and play the hole in two different way, such as teeing off with a driver with one ball and an iron with the other or playing agressive with one and safe with the other, and seeing which you score best with

re: A round on my own
Reply : Thu 17th May 2012 22:55

Hi Colin. I regularly go out on my own for a round. As Chris said its good sometimes if its quiet as if you wish to try something new theres no pressure if it doesnt work and you can try again.

re: A round on my own
Reply : Thu 17th May 2012 23:04

Thanks for the advice upto now guys, I really appreciate it. I am a big believer in the fact I will only get better by playing more. Unfortunately most of my friends are not interested in golf at all so I will have to start playing on my own when my regular playing partner can't make it. When my wife finishes her studying I am planning on joining a club. I must say though the comments so far have made it seem not daunting at all so I am planning on going for a round on my own next week. I will let you know how I get on.

re: A round on my own
Reply : Thu 17th May 2012 23:39

One other thing, that is if you are looking to go out at a quiet time, I usually find that 3pm is a good time to go. You can still get unlucky and find yourself behind a society or the only 4 ball on the course though, so maybe talk to the pro about when a good time to play might be. Sunshine too, if we ever get any, will fill the course quicker than a grey day.

re: A round on my own
Reply : Fri 18th May 2012 05:47

Colin - I also go out by myself quite often. Afternoons are definitely better. If you're obviously close behind a fourball, many (though not all) will offer to let you through. If you don't want the pressure of teeing off in front of them, it might be better to take your time and practice your putting etc while they are playing the next hole (assuming there's no one behind you, of course).

re: A round on my own
Reply : Fri 18th May 2012 09:31

Having a round of golf on your own is a real pleasure. I love the tranquillity of going round on my own. You can really think about your game without any clutter and as others have suggested you can drop a sneaky second ball on occasion too.

If I am stuck behind a slow group I practice my chipping as well as putting, also bunker shots. So much better for my game to practise them on the course than in the practise area. Especially those naughty little chips just off the green.

re: A round on my own
Reply : Fri 18th May 2012 11:45

i am playing on my own at a posh club near me on sunday unless my golfshake handicap gets turned away that that is

re: A round on my own
Reply : Sun 20th May 2012 19:06

"you have no standing on the course as a lone player "

That is not correct Steve. The 2010 update to the Rules of Golf gave singles standing on the course. The etiquette section states: -

"It is a groupís responsibility to keep up with the group in front. If it loses a clear hole and it is delaying the group behind, it should invite the group behind to play through, irrespective of the number of players in that group. Where a group has not lost a clear hole, but it is apparent that the group behind can play faster, it should invite the faster moving group to play through."

The important bit is where it says "irrespective of the number of players in that group". There is also a statement that says something along the lines of 'a group is taken to include a single golfer" which I can't find at the moment. Some disagree with this, but the fact is it is in the Rules

re: A round on my own
Reply : Sun 20th May 2012 20:04

I have always and always will let a lone player play through, as he/she will probably be out of sight within a hole or two. Dave CAC handed Geordie.

re: A round on my own
Reply : Sun 20th May 2012 20:31

Good to hear, Dave.

Until Chris kindly pointed this out I was going to mention that lone golfers now have the same rights as other golfers on the course, although a great deal of players don't seem to know this.

You would hope that common courtesy would mean that a group would allow a faster single to go through anyway, irrespective of the rules, but that doesn't always happen. I remember playing a round at Ogborne Downs where I booked the first tee time available to ensure no one held me up, only to be trapped on the back nine behind a three ball who'd started at the 10th.

Eventually I got caught up by another single, and after a couple of holes it became clear that they weren't going to let us through no matter what. The guy I was now with decided to just miss out a hole and go to the next tee ahead of them, while I decided that I wanted to play all 18 and waited my turn. I eventually managed to putt out quickly and get to the tee before the group in front had all played their tee shots, and at that point they felt obliged to let me through. Two of them were really good about letting me go through, but not before the third member of their group had bad mouthed the other single for having the audacity to go through them.

This isn't a slight on Ogborne Down and their members, btw. I spoke to a number of them on the course, and with this one exception they were all so very friendly and welcoming, and true ambassadors for their excellent club.

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