NLP Golf - iPhone App

By: Sarah Ramowski | Tue 25 Oct 2011 | Comments ()

NLP Golf is your personal mind guru on the iPhone.

iPhone NLP Golf

Consisting of 46 separate neuro linguistic programs (free and In-App purchases) between 25-30 minutes each, this app will allow your unconscious mind to unlock your golfing potential.

Developed by renowned NLP practitioner Andrew Fogg and author of The Secrets of Hypnotic Golf, NLP Golf is the app for any serious golfer.

Whether you have a specific golfing demon you need to get rid of, or just want to reach your full potential then NLP golf is for you.

To download visit:

NLP Golf Sections and Tracks

Free Tracks Included

  • Introduction to Golf Hypnosis (Free)
  • Your Own Virtual Caddy (Free)

Other Sections (4-5 tracks per section)

  • Winning Golf
  • Own the Putting Green
  • Golf in the Playing Zone
  • Overcome the Yips
  • Visualisation Skills for Golf
  • Confident Golf - Free From Fear
  • Better Golf with Less Practice
  • Anger Management for Better Golf
  • Overcome the Shanks
  • Learn Better Golf with Your Golfing Heroes


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