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Any Golfers in Thailand

Posted by: A A | Fri 19th Jun 2009 08:04 | Last Reply

Hi everybody, any other golfers from Thailand in here?  Do you have many golfers from Asia in here?

 Even if you're not from Thailand please feel free to connect with me as I like to meet golfers from all over the world.

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re: Any Golfers in Thailand
Wayne Santorini
Reply : Fri 19th Jun 2009 14:30

Why can't they follow you on here Kim????

re: Any Golfers in Thailand
Jamie Cotton
Reply : Fri 19th Jun 2009 14:33

Kim, do you happen to work for Twitter? I noticed another post of yours with loads of links to it. Hmmmm the mind boggles

re: Any Golfers in Thailand
Reply : Fri 19th Jun 2009 21:21

I didn't realise you can be followed in here - just let me know how or point me to a link where I can get more info

Jamie, no I don't work for Twitter, I just thought Twitter seems to be very "hot" right now and a lot of people seem to be using it, and many people who are on golf networking and community sites are using it.  The "loads of links" you mention were all to pro golfers on Twitter, which I thought would be of interest to any golfers on Twitter, and as mentioned, I didn't even make the list, just copied it as I thought, obviously wrongly, that it might be of some use to members.

Feel free to delete the two posts I made, or the links within them, or cancel my account if I have broken any of your sites rules.





re: Any Golfers in Thailand
Darren Ramowski [FORUM MODERATOR]
Reply : Fri 19th Jun 2009 22:52

Plus you obviously linked to your own twitter page to try and get traffic to your site. Most people just see this as a form of spam.

Will leave this post in place so that people can see the new level of sophistication of spam links etc in forum.

And to clarify you also want your account canceling because no one wants spam posts on the forums which were pointed out and I guess which you wanted to do ?


re: Any Golfers in Thailand
Reply : Sat 20th Jun 2009 08:56

As Jamie mentioned, the mind certainly does boggle.

I belong to almost every major golf and non-golf social networking site on the web, almost all of which my Twitter URL is either in my signature, or been posted somewhere, and never have I had such a negative condescending response from either members or forum moderators.  The post with about 20 Twitter golf pro URL's, which I have already stated was copied from another site, had received a lot of replies on the other site, thanking the person (not me), for posting the links, so again, I simply thought this would be something of use to members rather than promotin my own site.  

 I run about 20 golf sites, most of which rank on the first page of google under their associated key words, and there are certainly much more effective ways to generate traffic to the sites then posting in forums. In addition, the site posted on my Twitter account is essentially a non-profit fan-site, which is why other sites have never had a problem.

 Surely a much better way to handle this would simply be to delete the links with a short message. The reason I requested the account cancellation was as I mentioned, I have plenty of accounts on other sites and this is the first time I have had any form of negative feedback and really have better things to do then get in pointless discussions such as this. If I wanted to promote my sites on here and spam the forums, my 20 or so URL's would have been posted in every forum, a blog would have been set up with posts linking to the site, and I would have requested contacts with every member.

I respect this is "your" site and can run ithow you see fit, so you can cancel the account, or leave the post here as an example to other members.  I won't be logging on again so you can have the last word for your members to see.

Best of luck with the site in the future.




re: Any Golfers in Thailand
Wayne Santorini
Reply : Sat 20th Jun 2009 09:09

A A I don't know why your commenting like you are, after all when this post was first done you were Kim inglis which is why I mentioned your name now your A A, what do your expect to get from people when your changing your name and continue to direct us to other sites.

I'm happy your 20 sites on the front page of google, stick to them

re: Any Golfers in Thailand
Golf Asian
Reply : Thu 12th Jul 2012 02:29

I'm living in Bangkok Thailand. If you have any questions about golf here you can let me know and I would be happy to do my best to answer.


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