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 Clubname/CoursenameLocationPostal CodeDistanceDistance (KM)GuideRating   
Dyrham Park Golf ClubHertfordshireEN5 4RA13.71 miles22.06 km
Tea Green Golf CourseBedfordshireLU2 8NX14.04 miles22.59 km££
Harpenden Golf ClubHertfordshireAL5 2AX14.05 miles22.60 km£££££
Abridge Golf ClubEssexRM4 1ST14.05 miles22.61 km£££££
Batchwood Golf and Tennis CentreHertfordshireAL3 5XA14.07 miles22.64 km
Woolston Manor Golf ClubEssexIG7 6BX14.19 miles22.84 km££££
Abbey View Golf ClubHertfordshireAL1 2DL14.24 miles22.91 km££
Radlett Golf CentreHertfordshireWD7 7HU14.39 miles23.16 km
South Herts Golf ClubHertfordshireN20 8QU14.96 miles24.08 km£££££
Redbourn Golf ClubHertfordshireAL3 7QA15.03 miles24.18 km££££
Porters Park Golf ClubHertfordshireWD7 7AZ15.05 miles24.22 km£££££
Arkley Golf ClubHertfordshireEN5 3HL15.11 miles24.31 km£££
Royston Golf ClubHertfordshireSG8 5BG15.15 miles24.38 km£££
Woodford Golf ClubEssexIG8 0ST15.20 miles24.46 km££
North Middlesex Golf ClubGreater LondonN20 0NL15.26 miles24.56 km£££
Bethune Park Golf ClubGreater LondonN11 1NE15.33 miles24.68 km
Luton Hoo Hotel, Golf & SpaBedfordshireLU1 3TQ15.38 miles24.75 km££££
Chigwell Golf ClubEssexIG7 5BH15.62 miles25.14 km££££
Centurion Golf ClubHertfordshireHP3 8LA15.93 miles25.63 km
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Radlett Park (Elstree) Golf ClubHertfordshireWD6 3AA16.20 miles26.07 km
Muswell Hill Golf ClubGreater LondonN22 7UT16.29 miles26.21 km£££££
Stockwood Park Golf ClubBedfordshireLU1 4LX16.40 miles26.39 km££
Mill Hill Golf ClubGreater LondonNW7 3AL16.62 miles26.76 km££££
Laing Sports Club (Golf Section)Greater LondonNW7 2ER16.63 miles26.76 km
Finchley Golf ClubGreater LondonNW7 1PU16.63 miles26.76 km£££££
Henlow Golf ClubBedfordshireSG16 6DN16.71 miles26.89 km££
Heydon Grange Golf ClubHertfordshireSG8 7NS16.81 miles27.05 km£££
Mount Pleasant Golf ClubBedfordshireSG16 6JL16.84 miles27.10 km£££
Stapleford Abbotts Golf ClubEssexRM4 1JU16.98 miles27.33 km££££
Fairlop Waters Golf ClubEssexIG6 3JA17.04 miles27.42 km££
Hainault Golf ClubEssexIG7 4QW17.14 miles27.58 km£££
Hendon Golf ClubGreater LondonNW7 1DG17.14 miles27.59 km£££££
Aldenham Golf ClubHertfordshireWD25 8NN17.29 miles27.82 km£££££
South Beds Golf ClubBedfordshireLU2 7AE17.56 miles28.26 km££££
Edgwarebury Golf CourseGreater LondonHA8 8DD17.63 miles28.38 km££
Stanmore and Edgware Golf CentreGreater LondonHA7 4LR17.73 miles28.54 km££
Brentwood Golf ClubEssexCM14 5RJ17.78 miles28.61 km£££
Benton Hall Golf ClubEssexCM8 3LH17.88 miles28.78 km££££
Saffron Walden Golf ClubEssexCB10 1BX17.90 miles28.81 km£££££
Wanstead Golf ClubGreater LondonE11 2LW18.08 miles29.09 km££££
Highgate Golf ClubGreater LondonN6 4AH18.09 miles29.11 km£££££
Bentley Golf ClubEssexCM15 9SS18.10 miles29.12 km££££
Penfold Park Golf ClubHertfordshireWD25 0GB18.11 miles29.15 km££
Bassingbourn Barracks Golf ClubHertfordshireSG8 5LX18.27 miles29.40 km
Kingsway Golf CentreHertfordshireSG8 6EY18.36 miles29.55 km££
Chorleywood Artisans Golf ClubHertfordshireWD2 7AZ18.47 miles29.72 km
Risebridge Golf ClubEssexRM1 4DG18.51 miles29.79 km££
Caddington Golf ClubBedfordshireLU1 4AX18.63 miles29.98 km££££
Hampstead Golf ClubGreater LondonN2 0TU18.63 miles29.99 km££££
Bushey Hall Golf ClubHertfordshireWD2 2EP18.67 miles30.05 km£££
Whaddon Golf CentreHertfordshireSG8 5RX18.71 miles30.10 km££
Ilford Golf ClubEssexIG1 3TR18.72 miles30.13 km£££
Bushey Golf and Country ClubHertfordshireWD23 1TT18.85 miles30.34 km£££
Metro GolfGreater LondonNW4 1PX18.86 miles30.35 km££
Hartsbourne Golf & Country ClubHertfordshireWD2 1JW18.95 miles30.50 km
Stanmore Golf ClubGreater LondonHA7 2RL19.10 miles30.74 km££££
Little Hay Golf ComplexHertfordshireHP3 0XT19.17 miles30.84 km£££
Centenary Park Par 3 Golf CourseGreater LondonHA7 2NW19.59 miles31.53 km££
Romford Golf ClubEssexRM2 5QB19.60 miles31.54 km££££
Shendish Manor Golf ClubHertfordshireHP3 0AA19.66 miles31.63 km££
Maylands Golf and Country ClubEssexRM3 0AZ19.72 miles31.73 km£££
The GroveHertfordshireWD3 4TG19.91 miles32.04 km£££££
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Displaying 61 to 122 of 122 records.